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Hi! I’m Alison, and Catching Typos is what I do – ALL the time, even when I’m not trying! I’m a self-confessed ‘word nerd’ with a background in English language teaching. I was born in England but have now lived more than half my life in Sydney.

My love of language is the primary reason I love proofreading. My own education included studying grammar rules (English and two other foreign languages), something which I just had a knack for. It’s the same with spelling, punctuation, sentence structure – all are second nature to me.

Please don’t ask me to work with numbers, though! I’m HOPELESS!!

Typos are prolific, especially online, and it’s like they jump out at me! I notice them even if they flash up on a screen for just a second – so you can guarantee I’ll find them in pieces of writing that I’m studying carefully.

Check out some of the things below that I’ve noticed – these are just everyday signs, things on TV, on websites or in windows. I even took a couple of these photos when I was on holidays – I never switch off! This preoccupation with accuracy actually gives me a lot of satisfaction, and I hope that it can be of help to you! If you’re about to publish something, make sure it’s checked first, to avoid mistakes like these.

Catching Typos proofreading