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Typos… we all make them! Sometimes it doesn’t matter – in a text to a friend, for example, who cares? They know you, they don’t judge you and they can work out what you mean. No big deal.

However, if you’re trying to impress or engage people, regardless of the size of your audience, the deadline you have to meet, or the importance of the people who’ll be looking at your work, even the smallest mistake in your writing can affect how people perceive you. That’s when you need a proofreader! Let me catch those pesky typos for you!

Professional proofreading

Proofreading helps you look better!

You want the focus to be on the meaning of your words, not on a wrongly-placed apostrophe or a spelling mistake. Each error is like a little speed bump – it slows down the reader, distracting them, taking their attention away from your message, maybe even away from your website, article or proposal. If there are no speed bumps, the reader’s concentration is where it should be; they stay focused on what you’re actually saying… and trust me, they’ll take you more seriously.

Australian proofreader

Project sizes

Hire me for as little as 1 hour, or for as long as it takes to complete your project

High quality

Eagle eye typo spotting! I catch those spelling, grammar and punctuation errors

Fast turnaround

I’ll meet your deadline! If we agree and I accept your job, I’ll deliver on time


I like all forms of the written word, whether the text is going to be printed or presented online, and I work with various styles and levels of formality – from laid-back, casual and chatty to the very proper, formal language needed in many work situations. Typos can creep in anywhere, and I’m trained to find them quickly and efficiently! My usual work is proofreading a piece written by a native English speaker who needs a fresh pair of eyes to check it over.

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Let’s work together

Contact me for a quote or let me know some details about
your project. Each order is different but I can help you!